TestimonialsJanine Gartner

We love our clients so much so when we get great feedback it really does make our day.  Take a look at a few of what our wonderful clients are saying about us:

I first heard of Janine and Tax Agent 99 through a networking group I had joined years ago.

I was looking for a bookkeeper for my GST so the natural next step was to meet Janine and find out more.  Well her personality and professionalism was fantastic and the first thing she started with was doing my GST.  As our relationship grew she then took over all my financials and liases with my accountant at the end of the year.  It’s perfect! 

Working with Tax Agent 99 is great, she’s  always available to help with queries and nothing ever seems to be an issue.

I’m more than pleased working with Janine, she’s so so lovely, super friendly and very professional.

Caroline Martelli, M Collections

We first heard about Janine and Tax Agent 99 through word of mouth and what does she help us with?  Practically everything!  At the very beginning six months into our start-up, we still didn’t know the ins and outs of what we had to do even though we did have an accountant.  This accountant was very paper based and never really explained anything or what was available for our business online.

Now what a difference. Janine is just absolutely amazing!  She showed us everything we needed to know in plain English and to be honest we really don’t know what we would have done without her.

Megan, Absolute Concrete

My books needed attention and my previous accountant missed a couple of deadlines and Janine came along and sorted it all out with a smile.  Tax and GST can be daunting and she took all the stress and worry away for me.  When she said it was done, you knew it was done.  She has a wonderful cheerful disposition and she was the solution to my pain and she’s so lovely to deal with.

She’s a very special lady and I’m absolutely stoked to be associated with her.  She’s trustworthy and confidential and I’m so glad to have her in my team

Matt Adsett, LJ Hooker

Janine approached me from a post about workshops on our Facebook page and she came along and attended one of my workshops.

I was at that point ready to go onto Xero but was resistant but when Janine came along she just helped me through the whole process with ease.  The spreadsheet way of working was just taking way too long. For example, it used to take me a day to do my GST on a spreadsheet and now it takes what feels like seconds.

Janine is just awesome to work with .  If I get stuck on something she’s always really helpful and very patient.  She also gives me contacts and ideas to help me in my business which is fantastic too.

I also refer my clients to her and she is part of our business expertise network.  We’re currently running seminars and workshops together and this is working extremely well.

I’m really pleased to be working with Janine and she comes highly recommended.

Lietta Erni, Gernius