Are you tired of juggling work and doing your GST returns?Janine Gartner

They say time is money and in business, never has a truer word been said.  Which one do you choose – wasting time getting a GST number, getting your head around GST, dealing with your own GST return or getting the experts to do it for you?  We know what we’d choose.

Simple accounting services that include all those GST requirements like dealing with GST due dates and GST return dates can be done quicker and with greater efficiency if you choose to deal with the experts, like Tax Agent 99.  It means you can get on with the business and we can get on with helping you keep those books updated.  Success is contagious so let’s pass it on.  Don’t sit there trying to justify using professionals like us to provide simple accounting services and solutions – you know your time is best well spent on your strengths, than trying to do it all on your own.  Now that’s smarter thinking.

Call us in to balance your books, complete your bank reconciliation and prepare and file the GST Returns online. Sound nice and easy to you?  We thought so and remember, we don’t break your bank or your budget!

GST and Tax Returns