Do you have late returns with the IRD?Janine Gartner

Having late payment penalties and interest with the IRD can be scary and many businesses are unsure how to approach the IRD when they are stuck in debt over their heads.  Stop the overwhelm and come and see us at Tax Agent 99. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the remarkable results we are happy to achieve on your behalf.  No one really teaches you how to deal with tax and for many small businesses the DIY approach feels like a good idea at first, and then quickly you can become swamped and overwhelmed when it comes to tax preparation, late returns, penalties and interest debt.

If you are a DIY tax return filer there are all sorts of deductions and helpful advice that you are missing out on so when you use our operators you’ll not only get those late returns and payments sorted, you could be saving yourself a whole heap of money you didn’t even know about.  Now that’s what they call cost effective and tax intelligence.

Our advice is to always get help as quickly as you can because we have the expertise and knowledge to get you exactly what you need without a huge cost and certainly the simple and easy way.  From filing income tax returns to helping you get all those payments sorted we’re here to provide a smart and easy to use service.  With laser beam vision and code cracking genius you won’t have another thing to worry about – leave it up to us!

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