Get smart and let us handle all your bookkeeping needsJanine Gartner

Accounts payable and receivable – this sounds so simple doesn’t it, but where do you find the time?  It’s not only a relief to offload the accounts payable and receivable work, it’s also shows professionalism and that you take your business and it’s success seriously.  With Tax Agent 99 we know exactly what to say and do when it comes to collecting your payments as well as ensuring your payments are up to date and planned for too.

Now when the kids are trying to get your attention after school, or you want to watch your favourite programme on TV (or even dive into a bit of Internet space) you can finally switch off the work “stuff” and go and have a bit of fun.  Go on you deserve a bit of time out while we’re busy working for you in the background ensuring everything is running smoothly.  Your cash flow and budget will thank you for it, that’s a promise!

Debtor Day’s management with Tax Agent 99  is simple, easy and makes sense.  If you don’t have time to follow up on outstanding invoices, it’s fair to say you have money owing and that’s risky right? It’s a common problem for small businesses to try and do it all on their own. What if you can hand it all over to us, for a price that suits you?  Tax Agent 99 are super-stealth like when it comes to keeping on top of your cash flow and revenue – crikey, we would even go as far as saying our on the ground training and exercise programmes are some of the best around.  Come and talk to us today.

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