Small Business Coaching

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Are you thinking of starting or are new to business and don’t know where to start? Are you running your own business and feel it’s time to hit the ignition and get your business running at full throttle?

We are more than just bean keepers delivering compliance service. We are here to make a real difference to business owners, our Small Business Coaching package boosts business owners to be more empowered and supported. With the right support, tools and education you will become more confident and gain a better understanding of your business.

It is critically important to take time from the daily operation to gain perspective and clarity.

Key Benefits of working with a Small Business Coach:

  • Accountability and support from a coach
  • Gain confidence and be empowered within your business
  •  Celebrating success rewires your brain to reinforce these behaviours
  •  Hit the business ignition button to grow and develop your business
  •  Understand your financial obligations
  •  Identify and solve your burning issues
  •  Access the collective wisdom from a mentor; have support, training and education
  •  You will have a really clear set of goals and actions to implement for your ongoing success

Why I am different

Janine Casual

Hi, I’m Janine, Managing Director of Tax Agent 99.

I am a Multi Award-Winning Entrepreneur with over 24 years of experience in the accounting industry.  To date I have supported 700+ Small Business Owners just like you, to achieve their outcomes.  I have invested $70k (and counting) into my personal and professional development.

I have started and operated three successful businesses:  Helped run our family Hair Salon to achieve a successful succession transition, am Property andFinance Manager of a large commercial portfolio business alongside growing Tax Agent 99.  All whilst being a Mummy to our seven year old son, Chase.

I absolutely know the challenges we face when owning AND operating a small business. Whilst my inner drive is why I am so passionate, I could not have run these businesses without the support of my brilliant team members, mentors, networking groups and being a member of our industry Institutions and business communities.  This is a very key point to why I am successful. Success is a team sport.

Proactive Accounting Meeting

If you’re keen to improve your business performance and financial results but don’t feel you are being supported enough by your current accountant – give us a call.  We’ll arrange a complimentary Proactive Accounting Meeting to review your unique situation and discuss how we may be able to support you.

During the meeting we’ll identify your burning issues, opportunities and potential tax efficiencies, and establish goals and strategies to achieve them.  We’ll also have a strategic discussion around the current and future direction of your entities.

Following the meeting, if required, we’ll prepare a proposal for services, with all costs priced upfront, whether this be strictly for Business Development work and / or compliance.



Business Planning

A great Business Planning process gets to the heart and soul of your business.  Upon completion of pre-work, we’ll have a greater understanding of your vision and core values in order to facilitate a four hour planning session to help you create a clear one page Business Plan.

The outcome of this service is to identify and prioritize goals, both short term and long term, create strategies to achieve your goals, enable you to review actual performance against targets and establish a 90 Day Action Plan to address immediate and critical issues.

Importantly, this process eliminates a factor that is all too common in business – procrastination.

Quarterly Coaching

As a business owner you can at times feel alone and unsupported, spending little time working on your business and trapped in the day to day technical aspects.  Our Quarterly Coaching service provides you with increased accountability and support so that you achieve the results you want from your business.  The outcomes include increased profitability and cash flow, customised reporting templates to measure actual performance against forecasts and access to an expert sounding board to ensure you continue working towards your goals.

Monthly Coaching

Owning and operating a business is hard work.  Our Monthly Coaching programme provides you with accountability and support to ensure you make the best decisions for you and your business.  We’ll work together to develop strategies to achieve your desired work outcomes and gain the lifestyle you want.

Whether your business needs guiding through a major change, or you simply wish to have regular contact with a trusted coach, we’d love to help!

Cashflow Management

Cashflow planning is best practice in any business and critical to survival and growth.  Our Cashflow Management service is designed to help you improve your Cash Conversion Cycle and maximise your cashflow.  It will allow you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business.

Managing cashflow is all about your business processes.  After preparing a Cashflow Forecast we’ll conduct a thorough review of your processes and identify any potential causes of poor cashflow so that we can treat the underlying issues.

We’ll meet with you on a quarterly basis to monitor, analyse and adjust your key cashflow drivers.  Acting as your accountability coach, we’ll help you set annual goals and devise a 90 Day Action Plan to ensure you implement improvement strategies for maximum results.

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