Book a Free Discovery Call with Janine to Give Your Business A Kickstart Heading into 2021! 

This 15-minute discovery call will help you gain clarity on;

  • Your core business 
  • How long you have been in business 
  • What is happening in your business
  • Identify any pressing areas in which you need  support 
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Janine Boat

The call will also help to establish your immediate business needs and the most effective path forward for your business.

To assist you and your business further, we provide a complimentary online or in-person Proactive Accounting Meeting to explore your business on a deeper level and determine how we can best help you right now.

This meeting gives you the opportunity to meet with us on a no-charge, no-obligation basis. In particular, we’ll provide your business with a personalized roadmap to demonstrate how our team can deliver the necessary support and assistance for you to achieve your goals.

At this Proactive Accounting Meeting, we will also discuss:

  • Your goals for your business and how you plan to achieve them
  • How your business goals tie in with your personal and lifestyle goals
  • Any issues and obstacles you are facing in your business, e.g. growth,  cashflow, succession, etc. 
  • How we can support you to address these business challenges