As a young girl, Janine Gartner didn’t thrive in a school environment. Learning with dyslexia was difficult, and she often felt left behind. It wasn’t until she found a teacher she connected with, that Janine discovered her love for numbers. They just made sense.

After finishing school, Janine didn’t know how a passion for numbers would translate into a career. But when she saw an ad for a local junior accounting position, she knew it was perfect for her.

Catching the accounting bug

Even without the right accounting experience, Janine excelled at the position. “They ended up giving me more and more work. I worked with the accountant on site and he always used to give me jobs because I was so good at it,” she recalls. By the time Janine left the role two-and-a-half years later, she had caught the accounting bug.

Janine has had a long and successful career in accounting, trying her hand at several roles, getting hands-on training from chartered accountants along the way. Because she grew up watching both of her parents run successful businesses, starting her own accounting firm Tax Agent 99 was a natural step.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family

Her mother ran a hairdressing salon for 12 years and her father owned various companies throughout Janine’s childhood. Her father’s rubbish business is the most memorable for Janine.

“I’m so like my father it’s not funny. He’s definitely an entrepreneur as well. He never went to university, but has owned very successful businesses and has even been the mayor of Otorohanga here in New Zealand.”