Payment Options

ACCOUNTING FEES:All fees rendered by our firm are based on the value for time spent on each assignment charged at a rate in line with current business practice. In addition, any direct, out of pocket expenses are charged (at cost) at the time of incurrence. Members of our team are assigned to various duties in respect of individual clients so that costs incurred are appropriate to the particular assignment.

We will bill you on a regular basis as time costs and disbursements accrue, or at the end of each assignment, whichever is the earlier. Fees are, unless otherwise arranged between us, due and payable within ten (10) days of presentation of the invoice. Our fees will be subject to GST, except where such supplies made are GST free.

If you are on a monthly fee arrangement, these reflect the on-going nature of accounting and tax service provision, and are not refundable if the engagement is terminated part-way through a financial year.

If you have any questions or dispute regarding the fee, please contact us immediately to ensure that any errors can be corrected and misunderstandings do not occur.

Direct credit

BNZ Bank, Tauranga

Tax Agent 99 Limited


Spread over 2 instalments.

With the first instalment, being one half of your accounting fee, to be paid on commencement of job. The second installment, being the remaining half balance, is to be paid on completion of the job.

Monthly fee arrangement, interest freePre payment on your accounting fees by spreading them over 12 monthly payment interest free.

Monthly payments 

Tax Agent 99 Ltd has partnered up with Fee Funders as a payment option for our clients. Now you can ease the pain by spreading the cost of our invoice over monthly payments. If you choose to take advantage of this payment plan, fee funders pay 100% of the invoice on your behalf straight away to Tax Agent 99 Ltd, while you have the benefit of paying over 3, 6 or 9 months via direct debit.

There is an online application form.  It’s quick, easy and pain free with competitive interest rate that’s usually less than your credit card, personal loan and other time payment options.
There is a $65.00 set-up fee that is added to the first installment. Interested in paying via Fee Funders? Click here to go through to our Fee Funders payment portal
At Tax Agent 99 we’re always creating new plans and ways to make your life easier because that’s what we do best!  With various payment options that suit your individual business needs, you can sit back and relax and let us take care of the books while you get on with doing what you do best too.
If you ever want a no obligation free consultation with us we’d love to meet you and help you out.  Contact Tax Agent 99 today for easy, simple bookkeeping!